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So, why counseling

Life can present us with a myriad of challenges - from relationship struggles and career uncertainties to anxiety and grief. It's during these times that seeking professional counseling can make all the difference. Our counseling services offer you

Personalized Approach

No two journeys are the same. Our counselors work collaboratively with you to tailor strategies and techniques that address your unique needs and goals.

Emotional Well-being

Counseling is an investment in your mental and emotional health. It equips you with coping skills, resilience, and strategies to navigate life's ups and downs.

Expert Support

Our team of trained and compassionate counselors is here to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

Counseling is the secret to your happy romantic life

Counseling the diffrence between 98% people who don't get better in their relationship and the 2% that do!


Communication Excellence

Navigating Differences

Rekindling the Spark

Breakup Resiliences

Enhanced Intimacys


Miscommunication Woes

Stagnant Growth

Fading Connection

Lingering Heartbreak

Isolated Struggles

What you get with Kirti Dixit's Counseling Services

Transforming Lives Through Empathy, Expertise, and Personalized Attention

Phd Scholar

As a PhD scholar from Galgotias University, I have undergone rigorous academic and research training in Counseling Psychology, with the goal of making an original contribution to my field.

Taken over 500+ clients

We provide personalized treatment and support based on your unique needs and goals.

Scientific Method

We are trained to provide evidence-based treatments and interventions for a variety of mental health concerns.

100% confidentiality

We create a safe and non-judgmental space where you can express yourself freely without fear of criticism or stigma.

No fee consultation

Before we talk about pricing, a free consultation call to understand your needs and the expectations on both sides.

Flexible appointment schedule

All our sessions are at a time that suits you. Pick from options such as evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Unlock Clarity and Healing: Experience Our FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call

Book Your Slot

Choose a convenient time from our available slots to schedule your 15-minute call.

Share Your Concerns

During the call, share your concerns, challenges, or goals you're seeking to achieve.

Connect with Us

We'll provide insight into how our counseling can address your needs and support your journey.


The call is an opportunity for you to make an informed decision about proceeding with counseling.

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Team Members

Meet the people behind the business. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-quality service and achieving success for our clients.

Kirti Dixit

Kirti Dixit

Counseling Psychologist



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        About Your Psychologist

        Kirti Dixit is a relationship psychologist, and a PhD Scholar.
        She has been in psychology field for the last 7 years, and helped over 500+ individuals with thir mental health by improving their relationships.
        She has also conducted various events, and seminars in colleges like Gargi College, Motilal Nehru college, and schools like SDMC, Dabri Mod.
        She has a success rate of 90% with her clients, so, if you are willing to work on your relationship concerns, YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE.

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